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First of its Kind in the Industry

Kidlutions Preferred Product Award is the first of its kind in the industry, as it recognizes products that are specifically geared towards enhancing the social and emotional development of infants, children and teens. Our award considers products from the prenatal phase up to the teen years.

Social &Emotional Development is Critical

Our award is significant when you consider that
social and emotional development provides the foundation for all future learning, as well as for one’s healthy psychological adjustment across the lifespan.

Recognition Distinguishes Your Product

The importance of recognition of this kind is far reaching.  Numerous early childhood and infant programs must meet state and federal guidelines that comply with stringent standards for social and emotional development components.  A Kidlutions Preferred Product Award
will situate your product or service as a stand-out in a sea
of similar products.

Putting FUN First!

We at Kidlutions recognize that social and emotional development occur in the context of play, as well as within the framework of a secure and nurturing relationship.  We know that FUN is the name of the game when it comes to making this kind of learning take hold and last.
Our awards take all of this and more into consideration when determining award recipients.

You have invested your time, talent and resources into the development of your product or service for children.  You have poured everything you've got into ensuring a top-notch product that you are proud to put your name on.  Your product or service supersedes the competition. 

Now you are ready to take your product or service to the next level.  Get your product or service the recognition it deserves by applying for  a Kidlutions Preferred Product Award. 

How a Kidlutions™ Preferred Product Award is Unique

The Kidlutions Preferred Product Award is the first of its kind in the award industry for children's products.  Our award is unique in that it specifically recognizes products and services that enhance the social and emotional learning and development of infants, young children, elementary-aged children and 'tweens.  We also recognize products that contribute prenatally to social and emotional development. 

Our award is also unique because all products are reviewed by a licensed mental health professional who specializes in prenatal, infant and childhood social and emotional development, as well as by parents with children in the age range that your product targets.

If your products fall into one of the following categories, it could qualify for a Kidlutions Preferred Product Award:

Board Games
Card Games
Mixed Media
Video Games
Parenting Products
Prenatal Products
Lactation Products
Infant Products

If you have a product that you don't see listed here, but it contributes to social and emotional development from the prenatal phase to the 'tween years, just drop us a line, and we'll let you know if your product or service qualifies.

How a Kidlutions Preferred Product Award Can Help You

All products or services that are granted an award, will be listed on our site, where it will remain for a minimum of one year.

Kidlutions will link to your site for a minimum
of one year, driving traffic and intersted parties to learn more about your product or service.

We will be strategically aligning ourselves with
influential mom/dad bloggers, some of whom will be assisting with the review, as well as blogging about it.  Some products will be used as giveaways on blogs after the contest is complete, while others are donated to worthy agencies and programs!     
We'll stay connected to you for the entire year,
sharing your successes and triumphs, bringing publicity to our winners throughout the year!

You will receive a starter-supply of 50  Kidlutions Preferred Product Award seals for use on your product,
bringing attention to the high standards your product
has achieved and the recognition it deserves for addressing
key developmental issues in the area of social and emotional development.  You may also purchase as many additional product seals as you wish from us.

When your product or service is granted a Kidlutions  
Preferred Product Award, you may utilize our award
seal on your website for a period of one year.

At the end of the one year period, you will be able to renew your award at a very reduced rate.  We pride ourselves on being an award of high integrity that is MOST affordable!