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Be a part of the Kidlutions Preferred Product
"Review Crew"! 

Join our team today! It's a win-win situation!

We have products that need parental reviews.  You need products for your site.  Kidlutions Preferred Product Awards provides a win-win situation.

Join our team today and you could be on the receiving end of some fantastic new resources, products or services that are getting ready to take the world by storm.  Don't take our word for it, though.  Try it for yourself.

Requirements to join our team:

1.  You must be established online.

2.  You MUST have (at the minimum) a blog, twitter account and facebook page.

3.  Be the parent of a child in the approximate age group for the product you are asked to review. (The age groups will span pregnancy through the 'tween years.)

4.  Blog about the Kidlutions Preferred Product Award, as well the product you review.  (We'll provide you some guidelines and assistance with this!)

5.  Display our 125 x125 button on your blog page/facebook page, etc. (Grab your copy over at the left.)

6.  Provide blog-space when the winners are announced in November, and again at the beginning of December.

5.  Be an ambassador of good-will.  Our Preferred Product Award embraces social-emotional development and promoting kindness, good character and positivity.  Your blog, twitter account and facebook page should all represent this.  We love you to have opinions and it's great to express them...we love diversity of thought...just make sure it's always done with respect to others!

What you will get from Kidlutions:

1.  Innovative and exciting products delivered to your doorstep.

2.  Written information and pictures (content) for your blog.

3.  Support, as needed, during your review of the product.

4.  A simple and straightforward form on which to review the product(s).

5.  Occasional product demos and samples, drawn at random,  for giveaways and contests on your blog (as available). 

6.  A photo of you and link to your blog, on our Review Crew Team page.

7.  When the review is over, keep the product to do with as you will, or donate it to a good cause.  Good karma is a wonderful thing!  Pay it forward!

This is an exciting time to be part
of something BIG! 

We hope you will join us!

Kidlutions Preferred Product Awards